Como un pájaro en las alturas

Como un pájaro en las alturas


Por: Laura Vaillard

Sao Conrado vidasurrealista

Podría escribir algo sobre lo que siento cuando veo las personas volando sobre mi cabeza. Pero prefiero que lean lo que sentí aquella vez que la que voló fui yo. Aunque el poema esté en inglés y pueda sonar algo infantil (lo escribí allá por 1998 cuando todavía era una adolescente con brackets y mechones desteñidos), me parece que todavía describe esa emoción que sentí al convertirme en pájaro.

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One, two, three, start running!
Alex screamed,
I was trying to become one with the wind
And for a moment I thought I did
‘Cause I couldn’t fell the earth beneath my feet.

But I was a bird
With my wings widespread
Flying above the world.
Above the mountains,
The sea, my friends.

Away from all troubles,
Judgment and quarrels.
There was no one there to bother me.
Only the fresh and sweet breeze
That caressed my face and played with my hair.

I could see trees dancing
While they awaited for me happily.
Sea waves were also there! But they played “it”
Without even noticing my presence.

Slowly I descended back to Earth.
As I got closer Car engines
Broke the peace that governed me
Luckily they weren’t able to take all of it
‘Cause it was too heavy to be carried on their backs.

Breeze helped me remain calm
‘Cause she never left from my side.
At that moment sea waves
Noticed and tried to get me to play “it” with them
But I was fast and they didn’t get me when I passed.

When Car Engines robbed me
They didn’t notice she carried peace
Since they didn’t rob her
Then she shared it with me.

Sand ironed her clothes
To meet me on the seashore.
She welcomed me so softly and kindly
She helped me not to fall
You are back on Earth Laura! Welcome home!

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